Arrival and Departure Procedures

Last Updated: 9/9/2020 3:04 PM

Arrival and Dismissal:

The parking lot by the cafeteria will be limited to staff parking and bus arrival and dismissal.  Reducing the traffic flow in this area will serve to ensure safety, as well as improve the traffic flow from school to school.  Thus, all car traffic will enter from Horace Jackson Road, located directly behind Jefferson Elementary School and across from Jefferson Academy and Jefferson Middle School.   The left lane is reserved for staff until 7:15 a.m.  

Morning Drop-Off Procedures:

Please enter the JES car drop-off line from Old Pendergrass Road onto Horace Jackson Road (across from the Jefferson Academy and Jefferson Middle School).  Prior to 7:15 a.m., please move into the right lane.  This will allow staff and faculty to use the left lane to enter the campus in a timely fashion.   

  • Students arriving between 6:45-7:20 a.m. should be dropped off in front of the building.  As soon as personnel come from the building to open car doors, your child may enter the front doors.  Staff will monitor the students and send anyone eating breakfast to the cafeteria.   All students will be dismissed to class at 7:20 a.m.

  • Students arriving after 7:20 a.m. should be dropped off in front of the building and report directly to the classroom.

  • Personnel unloading cars will accept snacks upon drop-off.  Please mark them with the teacher’s name.  They will be delivered to the classroom prior to 9:00 a.m.

Please Note:  The above process is one area in which we request your full cooperation.  Please do not allow your child to exit your car from Old Pendergrass, Hoschton Street, the front lawn, or the JCS STEAM Center.  It is much safer for students to exit cars in front of the building where supervision is provided.  Otherwise, the safety of all is jeopardized, and the flow of traffic is disrupted.  Drop off in the gym area or in the loop beside the gym is not an option for parents.  Due to the steady traffic flow on your left, please plan for your child to exit the car on the side nearest the building. We ask that you NOT park and walk your child to the building except in the rare occasion of needing to deliver medicine or other vital item.  


Punctuality is a life skill established at a young age.  Plan accordingly to enable students to be in the classroom prior to 7:35 a.m. each morning.  Students entering the classroom after the published start time will be marked tardy. Please note that a building wide literacy block is the first class of the day.  When your child is late they miss out on important instruction, lunch choices, and morning work.  

Tardies will be tracked throughout the school year.  The following provisions will be among those used to reduce tardies: telephone calls; first-class letters; referral to the Attendance Committee and/or the Jefferson City Schools’ visiting teacher.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures:       

As mentioned previously, the traffic pattern for afternoon pick-up will be restricted to Horace Jackson Road (located directly behind Jefferson Elementary School across from the entrance to Jefferson Academy and Jefferson Middle School).  In support of an efficient and safe dismissal process, we ask all parents to use the drive around pick-up procedure. Unless students are enrolled in the afternoon PLUS program, students must be picked up promptly at the end of each school day.   

Pick-Up Cards:

Two car pick-up cards will be provided to each family at the beginning of the school year.  Please clip the pick-up card to the passenger visor.  Keep the visor down until your child is loaded each day.  In support of efficiency, personnel in charge will focus on the card rather than the car.  In the event that you forget your card, parents are expected to park and come into the building to check out their child.  Please present your picture ID.  Always maintain these cards in a safe and secure manner as the person presenting the card will be allowed to pick up your child in the car line.

Walk-Up Pick-Up:

Walk up pick up is reserved for those families who live in such close proximity to the school that it is possible for them to walk to the school to pick up their child.  Please bring your car tag as identification and use the sign out sheet provided.  Walk up students will be brought to their parents at 2:45 p.m. in the area in front of the cafeteria.  This allows us time to safely complete bus dismissal and begin the car rider process.  

Parent Change in Student Transportation:

Jefferson Elementary School personnel will not deviate from a student’s routine dismissal plan without official notification from the parent or guardian.  

Official notification is two-fold.  Written notification in the student agenda will give direction to the teacher. Notification on a separate full sheet of paper will be sent to the office to give direction to supporting personnel in charge of dismissal.  The sheet should include:

  1. the name of the student;

  2. the name of the teacher and grade level.;

  3. specifics relative to the change (to include the duration of the change).

 Example 1:  Sam Jones who is in Sara White’s first grade class will be a car rider on August 2.  He will be picked up by John Smith who is listed on the pick-up list.  (Unless the person designated for pick-up has an official pick-up card, he or she will be expected to check the student out through the front office.  Identification may be required.)

 Example 2:  Samantha Martin, who is in Sam Winter’s second grade class, will ride bus 99-9 to 135 Oak Street from September 15-25.

Only in the case of a rare emergency should changes be made via telephone.  Please understand that late notification of a transportation change could result in a breakdown of communication.  In such case, the safety of your child could be jeopardized.  Thus, any emergency change in transportation must be made prior to 1:00 p.m.

Early Check-Outs:

Please avoid early checkouts except when absolutely necessary.  Students leaving before the end of the day miss valuable instructional delivery.  We respectfully request that early checkouts be reserved for emergencies or medical/dental appointments that cannot be scheduled after school hours.  Whenever a student is called from the classroom for early pick-up, instruction is interrupted for all students.  Some studies indicate that it takes seven minutes for students to regain their instructional focus after such a disruption.  Further, early checkouts, as well as calls related to changes in transportation, can create an unmanageable situation for office staff.   Please help us provide your child every advantage for success in school by supporting our efforts.  Please note that due to a disruption in the dismissal process, NO check outs will be allowed after 2:00 p.m.  In the event you must check your child out, plan to arrive before this time.

Early checkouts will be tracked throughout the school year.  The following procedures are among those used to reduce early checkouts:  telephone calls; first-class letters; referral to the Attendance Committee.

Please Note:  Students are not allowed to leave the school campus prior to dismissal without the permission of parent, guardian, or other person (as defined by O.C.G.A. 20-2-690-1).  On the rare occasion when it is absolutely necessary that a student leave before dismissal, the parent, guardian, or other person (as defined by O.C.G.A.20-2-690.1) must come to the front office to complete the sign-out process.  Online registration that the parent or guardian completes during the registration process will be used to verify those adults who have been authorized to check out an individual student.  Please be prepared to provide personal identification..  Check out will be denied to those individuals not listed.  Office personnel will notify the student of the dismissal via the intercom.