Jefferson Elementary School 2020
JES Principal Annette Beckwith greets students at the school entrance. APs Carla Truelove and Jodi Stephens are pictured with  Principal Annette Beckwith to display the 2020 Title I Distinguished School Award banner. Dr. John Jackson is celebrated by JES students, faculty, and staff for his retirement. Pictured: AP Carla Truelove, Principal Annette Beckwith, Dr. John Jackson, and AP Jodi Stephens. Faculty and Staff represent their favorite universities and colleges for spirt wear on 9/4/20. School Psychologist Dr. Seajae Hartness helps with student drop-off lines on the first day of school. Campus safety: Please be mindful of the pedestrians walking to and from campuses. Social distancing is implemented throughout the schools for all classes. Students are reminded to walk on either side of the hallway depending on their direction. Thank you for practicing social distancing! Former Superintendent Dr. John Jackson greets students, parents, faculty, and staff for the first day of school. Thank you to our faculty and staff for providing Hi-Touch Sanitizing at all four schools in the District. Nurse Nikki Rhodes greets students for the first day of school. Social Distancing reminders are scattered throughout the building for students, faculty, and staff. We are excited to have our Dragons back on campus! Students are greeted in the halls and directed to their proper classrooms. JES suggestions for social distancing greetings for students and staff. Faculty and staff greet out school buses for the first day of school. Thank you to our cafeteria staff for ensuring proper safety measures are followed amidst COVID-19. Breakfast time at JES. JES students walk to class for the first day of school. Hand sanitizing stations are scattered throughout the school to promote clean hands. Students at JES for the first day of school. Faculty and Staff greet parents and students at the student drop-off line.