Classified Positions

Last Updated: 10/13/2020 2:07 PM

Thank you for your interest in employment with Jefferson City Schools. Our school system has four schools:

Jefferson Elementary School (Grades PreK-2)
Jefferson Academy (Grades 3-5)
Jefferson Middle School (Grades 6-8)
and Jefferson High School (Grades 9-12)

Please visit to obtain a list of positions and apply for certified job vacancies.

Our primary goal is to hire outstanding educators and support staff for our students. The Board recognizes that quality education can only be accomplished when highly competent personnel are recruited and employed in the system. Employment with Jefferson City Schools requires a criminal history background check. The school system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sex in its employment practices. If you have questions regarding employment or the application process, please contact the Human Resources Office at 706-367-2782.

Paraprofessional Requirements

In Georgia, a paraprofessional employed by a Georgia LEA, must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Degree - Hold an associate's degree or higher in any subject from a Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC)-accepted accredited institution; OR

  2. Coursework - Have completed two (2) years of college coursework (sixty [60] semester hours), at a grade of (C) or higher at a GaPSC- accepted accredited institution; OR

  3. State Approved Assessment - Have passed the GACE Paraprofessional Assessment. If eligibility is established through the assessment, the applicant must also hold a minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

  4. *All LEA paraprofessionals must hold a Clearance certificate



Current Positions

Position Title: School Nutrition Assistant

Grade Level(s): PreK-2

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Number of Vacancies: 1

School nutrition position available at Jefferson Elementary School to work in the cafeteria and kitchen; interested candidates should contact Mrs. Sue Perry, School Nutrition Director, at 706-367-2546 or

Date Posted: 11/5/2019

Position Title: School Nutrition Substitute

Grade Level(s): K-12

School: All Schools

Number of Vacancies: Multiple

School nutrition substitute positions available at all school levels to work in the cafeterias and kitchens; interested candidates should contact Ms. Sue Hamm, School Nutrition Director, at 706-367-2546 or

Date Posted: 9/10/2019

Position Title: Substitute Bus Driver

Grade Level(s): Multiple

School: Jefferson City Schools

Number of Vacancies: 1

Substitute Bus Driver position available - interested candidates should contact Mr. Rodney Lackey, JCS Transportation Director, at 706-367-1787 or

Date Posted: 10/25/2017

Position Title: School Nurse

Grade Level(s): 9-12

School: Jefferson High School

Number of Vacancies: 1

School nurse position available at the high school level (start date on November 1, 2020) – if interested, please contact Mr. Brian Moore, JHS Principal, at 706-367-2881 or

Date Posted: 9/25/2020

Position Title: Paraprofessional

Grade Level(s): PreK-2

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Number of Vacancies: 1

Paraprofessional position available at the elementary school level; interested candidates should contact Ms. Annette Beckwith, JES Principal, at 706-367-8242 or

Date Posted: 10/13/2020